back from two weeks in Tuscany…


I just got back from two most wonderful weeks of vacation in Tuscany. Actually, I planned on keeping you appraised on current announcements via my netbook which I brought along specifically for that purpose. Unfortunately, this sweet piece of technology drew its last breath already during the second day.

So, for completeness sake, here are the announcements and associated events that happened during the last fortnight.

Taiwan August 27

pattern from August 27

This pattern preceded a M5.0 that hit Taiwan in a depth of 12.9 kilometres on Monday, August 30, at 08:45 UTC.

Honshu August 29

pattern from August 29

This pattern emerged on August 29 at 15:00 UTC. It was followed by a M5.0 that occurred in a depth of 38.4 kilometres in Honshu, Japan on September 01 at 09:32 UTC

New Zealand August 30

pattern from August 30

The Device produced an announcement on August 30 which was followed by a quake of M7.0 in a depth of 5 kilometres in New Zealand on September 03 at 16:35 UTC.

Iran September 04

pattern from September 04

A M5.3 hit Iran in a depth of 27.9 kilometres on September 07 at 02:11 UTC.

This concludes all the patterns and events which I was unable to cover due to my lack of technological provisions in Tuscany.

Well, now I am back and will be covering all the patterns and events closely.

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